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Welcome to Kahf Guard

Designed for the Muslim community, Kahf Guard empowers you to navigate the digital world with peace of mind. Our app filters out harmful content, ensuring that what you access online is safe, respectful, and in harmony with Islamic principles.

Why Kahf Guard?

Comprehensive Browsing Protection

From ads to adult content, phishing to malware, we block the bad so you can enjoy the good.

Empowering Faithful Adherence

Kahf Guard facilitates adherence to religious guidance by blocking access to known sites that contradict religious beliefs.

Family Protection

Safeguard your loved ones from inappropriate content with our DNS service, which effectively blocks potentially harmful websites, ensuring a safer online experience for all.

Privacy First

With no tracking or logging, Kahf Guard prioritises your privacy, ensuring that your online activities remain solely yours.

Effortless Installation

Set up Kahf Guard on your device in just a few taps. For comprehensive protection, install it on your home router to extend safeguards to your entire network. Alternatively, safeguard individual devices by installing our browser or browser extension.

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Key Features

Ad-Free Browsing

Enjoy uninterrupted browsing without annoying ads or pop-ups.

Enhanced Search Safety

Ensure cleaner search results on popular engines for a safer browsing experience

Site-Based Protection

Safeguard your browsing experience by blocking access to harmful websites that threaten your online security.

Phishing Prevention

Safeguard your browsing experience by blocking access to harmful websites that threaten your online security.

Family-Friendly Filters

Filter out adult content to maintain a safe browsing environment suitable for users of all ages.

Upholding Values

Block access to gambling and other harmful content that contradicts Islamic principles.

Device Protection

Enable Kahf Guard on your device for protecting your device from harmful sites.

Easy Setup

Peaceful Browsing

Get started in minutes. Once Kahf Guard is active, you’ll barely know it’s there – except for the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing your internet is safe and Halal.

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Kahf Guard Community

Be part of a growing community choosing a safer, more ethical online environment. With Kahf Guard, you’re not just protecting your device; you’re contributing to a safer internet for the entire Umma.

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