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Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters. My name is Nizam Uddin, and I am the Co-founder of Halalz – a tech startup with an important mission to build a halal internet ecosystem for the global Muslim community and people looking for an ethical and safe internet experience. 

The Internet is an extremely powerful tool and can be incredibly empowering if used properly. I have been an internet entrepreneur myself my whole life and it has been an extremely empowering journey. I believe our work at weDevs has been empowering for thousands of other people around the world. 

The reason I chose to become an entrepreneur nearly two decades ago was because entrepreneurship is how you solve problems and contribute to the greater good of the world. When I first started thinking about entrepreneurship as a career in around 2010/2011, I was obsessed with this idea of entrepreneurship as a way to solve the problems of society. It also coincided with a lesson I received from my family to devote as much to Sadaqa Jariya (Islamic way of helping people) as possible in life. 

Like many of you, who are raised in a Muslim household, my parents instilled in me the importance of upholding our religious values and ethics in everything we do – words and actions guided by the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. I found entrepreneurship can be the ultimate doing good if you do it by adhering to morality, values, and principles of Islam. I think being an internet entrepreneur has allowed me to do that for nearly two decades. 

However, the internet as an ecosystem has taken a challenging turn for the worse over the last few decades. As a tool, the internet remains equally powerful and has been transformational for ever more people. However, at the same time, we have seen that the internet coupled with smartphone technology has also turned into a wasteland of addiction and frivolous entertainment. 

The unfettered internet access can be a moral battleground for anyone with meaningful ethical concerns regardless of their religious orientation. Today, pornography, gambling, explicit content, addictive entertainment, short videos, addictive social media consumption, and other distractions explicitly prohibited or discouraged by Islamic law and other moral standards lurk around every virtual corner. 

Your next vice is just one click away. Not only has access to these vices become extremely easy and commonplace, but in many instances, many platforms dubbed as attention merchants actively manipulate users to spend more time doing frivolous activities strongly discouraged in almost all faith and moral codes. 

Over the last few decades, we have been seeing a growing concern about the extreme negative impact of internet and smartphone addiction. Studies suggest an average person checks his phone a staggering 2,617 times each day. A growing body of research indicates that internet and device addiction can have severe adverse effects on the mental, physical, and psychological well-being of people. 

I have been aware of this shift in the internet culture for a while. However, it became clearer to me during an overseas trip a few years back. Distant from my own culture and with uninterrupted time to reflect, I had a sobering realization about the incredible scale of harmful content, activities, and vices so pervasive and brazenly pushed online these days. The list of distractions seemed endless and virtually unavoidable no matter where one clicked.

For Muslims, this is terrible news and is a manifestation of the Quran’s warning about Satan. All this time wasted mindlessly on prohibited entertainment is not spent in the remembrance of Allah. The Quran warns how Satan “will lie in wait” to mislead us through temptations from every direction, exploiting any weak points to make us “ungrateful” and forgetful of our devotion to Allah (7:16-17). 

I felt deeply troubled coming face-to-face with the stark divergence between this unrestrained online world and the Islamic principles I was taught to uphold. It struck me how easy it is for any of us—whether intentionally or not—to stray from the “straight path” that Allah ordains for believers.

As I mentioned earlier, as an entrepreneur, I have always seen my entrepreneurial journey as part of Ibadah. To do something good that will be counted as an enduring good deed in this world and hereafter. 

After my trip abroad, I became convinced that the internet represents one of the most insidious modern avenues for Satan to attack the faithful anywhere. Constant digital engagements can pull our hearts and souls away from what matters most—our relationship with Allah. We end up idling away countless hours and our productivity on entertainment, impulsive indulgences in haram activities, and mindless distractions scientifically optimized to addict our animalistic nafs. It’s a struggle we all face given how deeply integrated the internet is within our daily lives today. 

I felt that we need to develop solutions to address this serious challenge our Ummah is facing today by building safe and halal technology alternatives to experience the internet in a manner which is compatible with Muslim faith. That’s how I came up with the idea of Halalz, a startup dedicated to building a halal and safe internet experience for Muslims worldwide.  

We started working on the idea about two years ago. Today, we are launching our first product Kahf Guard, an app and browser extension helping halal browsing solutions for Muslims and people with concerns about the ethical use of the internet worldwide. 

Kahf Guard blocks access to everything from pornographic and explicit content and dating sites to gambling services and other harmful online content that violates the moral codes of Islam. Kahf Guard enforces strict filters on search engines and video platforms to exclude explicit or inappropriate content. It prevents malicious hacking attempts, and phishing scams designed to steal your data and restrict intrusive ads. For families, it creates a secure, distraction-free environment for children, fundamentally altering your browsing experience to be cleaner and safer.

The ambition is to help us all reclaim our precious time from destructive internet habits and realign our digital habits with the moral guidelines of Islam. 

Kahf Guard is just the starting point for what we aim to build. Our goal with Halalz is to build an entire ethical ecosystem of internet products and services to help people experience a safe and halal internet. In the long-term, we want to build nothing less than a halal parallel universe of technology and internet services compatible with Islamic ethics and beliefs. 

As part of that ambition, we have also beta launched our browser called Kahf Browser with a built-in AI feature Safe Gaze that blurs the immodest content online. We have a series of other products in the making that we plan to launch in the coming days. 

I understand that this mission may seem fringe or antiquated to some. The great philosophers of the Internet age preach openness, freedom of information, and expression without constraint. But that style of reasoning has already come undone. Countless studies show the perils of growing internet addiction and material harm caused by unfettered access to the internet vices inspiring a new movement against social media addiction and other online dangers. 

For Muslims, we operate with a different standard. Our ethical standard is clear and has no ambiguity as defined by our timeless religious teachings. There is no room for fiddling with societal whims or corporations chasing engagement and profit at all costs. The Quran and Sunnah provide us with guardrails for how to conduct ourselves in a manner pleasing to Allah. 

At Halalz, our goal is to help Muslims worldwide to adhere to these values when operating online. We believe it is possible to build an internet experience that can help us operate more consciously online. 

I understand that what we have set out to achieve is an ambitious mission. We cannot accomplish it alone. We need your support, adoption, feedback, and prayers. To that end, I invite you all to download Kahf Guard and join us on this journey toward building a more ethically grounded digital experience true to our faith. 

I’m confident together we can get there, reclaiming the internet in service of what matters most—strengthening our relationship with Allah.

Jazak Allah Khair, and may Allah continue guiding us all.

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